Getting to know you.

* 1. How satisfied are you with the service and responsiveness of the Foundation Team?

* 2. How satisfied are you with the communications you receive about the programs and services at Shalom Village?

* 3. What inspires you to support Shalom Village? (select as many as apply)

* 4. We are sincerely grateful for your support and want you to know just how valued you are. What sort of stewardship/recognition would be most meaningful for you? (Indicate as many as you like)

* 5. Of all the charitable causes you support, where would Shalom Village be on your priority list?

* 6. What is your level of interest in making a planned gift to any charity? (examples: bequest in your will, gift of securities, beneficiary on RRSP/RRIF)

* 7. Which of the following benefits of charitable giving are most important to you? (choose top 3)

* 8. Which of the following opportunities are you most interested in? (Check all that apply)

* 9. We'd like to be able to recognize our donors who pledge to leave a legacy gift. In which ways would you appreciate having your gift acknowledged? (Check all that apply)

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* 13. How long have you been aware of Shalom Village?

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THANK YOU for taking the time share your feedback with us.

As part of our mission to honour our mothers and fathers, we are asking donors to consider leaving a bequest to Shalom Village in their will. After providing for loved ones, we hope you will consider leaving a gift to the Foundation. Contact Laurie Pringle, Manager – Donor Engagement.

For more information about the giving to the Shalom Village Foundation: or via phone at: 905-529-1613 X227.