Middleton Youth Hockey would like to collect honest feedback on our Association and our Coaches.

We are trying to collect as much information as possible and want to hear as much as we can about our coaches. Please complete a separate survey for each coach you would like to leave a comment for. We would love to have you comment on all of your child's coaches. You will not need to repeat your answers for the general questions #6 -#11 on subsequent surveys. Please take a few minutes to answer all of the questions. Besides the ratings, we are very interested in any written comments that you may have. We have provided ample room for all of your comments.

**If you have more than 1 skater in the program, please fill out a separate evaluation for each Coach in questions #1 - #5

Also, in addition to your own feelings, we invite you to solicit the opinion of your child in response to questions #5 and #6.

The survey is completely anonymous.

Thank you for a great season!

-Middleton Youth Hockey Association Board

* 1. * Name of Coach (Head Coach or Assistant)

* 2. * What team did your child skate with this year?

* 3. Rate the following regarding coaching

  Least effective Avg. / Least effective Average effectiveness Avg / Most effective Most effective
The coach was a positive role model
The coach was dedicated and dependable
The coach communicated well with your child
The coach ran organized practices
The coach was effective with conflict resolution

* 4. Rate the overall development of your child's skills from beginning to end of the season (did he/she improve?)

  Regressed Stayed the same Improved
Stickhandling & Passing
Body contact & Angling
Knowledge & understanding of game concepts & rule

* 5. My players opinion about this coach

* 6. Describe the highlights and/or frustrations your child experienced playing with MYH this season. Please consider incorporating your child's feelings when answering this question.

Since this question does not pertain to a specific coach, you only need to complete this question one time. You can leave this question blank when completing questions #1 through #5 for your child's other assistant coaches OR if you have more than one skater in the association

* 7. Was the Registration process easy to use?

* 8. Do you feel the Middleton Youth Hockey Association Communications are effective?

* 9. Are the Costs reasonable for the experience your child receives?

* 10. Do you find the Website useful /helpful?

* 11. Did you have an opportunity to complete your volunteer hours?

* 12. If you have any additional comments/suggestions regarding any aspect of your season, please use this comment box below.