The next Student Voices Campaign launches in the fall, and we're looking for teachers grades 7-12 from all subjects to engage students to participate in the campaign during the 2017-2018 school year. Stipends are available for teachers who use the Classroom Guide and supervise the submission of student videos for the 2018 Campaign.

Download the Classroom Guide:

Through the Student Voices Campaign, students create 2-minute videos that capture their vision for their school to share with their local school board. The Student Voices Campaign Classroom Guide structures the campaign as a project-based learning opportunity, with elements of civic participation, creative expression, media production, and community engagement.

The Student Voices Campaign Classroom Guide:
  • Uses California Social Studies Standards and National Core Media Arts Standards to structure the process, outcomes and assessment. The Guide also uses Common Core Anchor Standards and other Arts and Common Core Standards are referenced as appropriate.
  • Uses project-based learning so students can actively explore real-world problems. Lessons can be scaled from periods of a few weeks to several months over the course of a school year.
  • Provides a pathway for students to participate in community discussions and planning related to their district’s Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs).
  • Provides Common Core aligned learning about civics, local government, and effective communication.
Thank you for your interest in the Student Voices Campaign! We'll be in touch!

Questions: or 626.578.9315 ext. 104

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* 10. What if any kind of video equipment do your students have access to at school (camera equipment, editing software, access to YouTube and/or WeVideo, iPads or tablets that students can use outside of class, etc.)?

* 11. Anything else you would like us to know?