Welcome to the Sun Valley Guide's twelfth annual
Best Of The Valley survey!

Over the following pages you'll find 143 questions in seven categories (Dining, Recreation, Shopping, Business & Services, People and Entertainment). Your answer to each question will help determine the best the Wood River Valley has to offer.

The results will be published in late June in a special edition of the Sun Valley Guide magazine.

For your survey to be counted, you do not have to cast a vote in every category, but you must vote in enough categories for enough different potential winners to demonstrate that you made a concerted attempt to participate in the survey as a whole. Please do not fill in any information (question marks, slashes, etc) on questions for which you do not have an answer - just leave these items blank. Surveys will be reviews by monitors, and those with only one or a few "targeted" answers will not be counted. So do not only vote for one business, or even just two, in a couple of categories, your votes won't be counted.

The demographic information does not have to be completed for your survey to be counted. Only one survey per person, please.

The survey doesn't need to be completed all in one sitting, your browser will remember where you were so you can feel free to take your time, as long as it's all done and submitted by the deadline, Sunday, March 1, 2020 at midnight.

Thank you for participating and thank you for supporting your favorite places, people and businesses in the Wood River Valley.

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