Thank you for agreeing to take our survey – we greatly appreciate your time and sharing your experiences.

This study aims to understand your experiences and opinions about support you may or may not have received from organizations, governments, networks, movements and others who are from outside your country. This survey asks both about support to your cause and support to you as an individual activist.

The aim of this research is to reorient such support around activists’ needs so that we are helping to bolster the amazing work you and fellow activists in your country do.

The survey is for activists from twelve countries: Colombia, Egypt, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Russia, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

We are seeking views of those active in social movements, community organizing, blogging, legal activism, investigative journalism, and forms of civil resistance that are nonviolent. We are NOT seeking views from those working professionally in international organizations or international non-government organizations, unless they are also involved in other forms of activism.

The survey will be anonymous and you can join the Rhize mailing list at if you want to receive feedback about the research.

This research is funded by the Atlantic Council and Open Society Foundation and undertaken by Rhize, a global platform that connects activists to the tools, strategies and network they need to be more impactful in the fight for a more equitable, inclusive, and democratic world. The data will be owned by Rhize, Atlantic Council and OSF and will be shared in public reports and made available for public use.


You are not required to submit your name, the names of organizations you work with, or any other information that could identify you. Your IP address is NOT collected when you participate in the survey, and it has been designed protect your anonymity. All responses will be kept confidential and anonymous.

The survey takes 30-45 minutes to complete.

If you have questions or want to provide feedback on the survey or your engagement with the Rhize research focal points in your country you can email Jackson Fischer-Ward at
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