Were you sore from stitches and bruising after birth? Did you have any issues with going to the toilet, or was sex (or even the thought of it) painful?

Maternity Mouthpiece in North Kirklees is working on developing/ improving information about healing for new mums. We want to find out what advice women are being given by the NHS staff looking after them, and about any hints and tips you found helpful which you would like to share with other women.

We’ve developed this short survey to find out more about what is happening in this area. If you would like to join the group of parents and health professionals who are working on this project you can leave your contact details at the end of the survey.

Some of your comments may be used in antenatal courses and shared in reports but we would remove any information which may identify you or your family.  If you don't want us to use quotes from the information you provide you can let us know by ticking a box in the survey.

Healthwatch Kirklees are supporting Maternity Mouthpiece to gather your responses by hosting this survey through their SurveyMonkey account. This means that your answers to these questions will be accessible to Healthwatch Kirklees staff, as well as being shared with Maternity Mouthpiece. The information will not be shared with any other organisations, and will be stored in line with Healthwatch Kirklees data protection policy and procedures. For more information, please review the Healthwatch Kirklees privacy statement at this link
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