Welcome and thank you for responding to the Seminar Proposal Request for ABYC’s Sur/Tech, a virtual event on February 7-8, 2023. As you consider your proposal, keep in mind, Sur/Tech is dedicated to providing continuing education and technical training to the marine industry. Nearly 300 participants comprised of manufacturers, surveyors, installers, repair technicians, engineers, consultants, and educational institutions registered for Sur/Tech in 2021.
Only those proposals submitted here will be considered for inclusion. Please do not email seminar information or attachments to ABYC staff directly. 
If you are planning to submit more than one proposal please use multiple submission forms. Only one proposal is allowable per submission.
Currently, ABYC is accepting proposals that focus on the following topics:
  • Basic Engine Surveys
  • Citing ABYC Standards to Safeguard Your Surveys against Lawsuits
  • Surveying Electrical Systems
  • Insurance Coverages: Including Case Studies
  • Estimating Repair Costs
For questions contact kscullen@abycinc.org
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