We hope you are by now aware that a new steering committee was formed at the end of September, to look after the best interests of Surfing and Surfers, and to resolve the long term problems with governance at the heart of British Surfing.

Our aim is to ensure that ALL surfers and everyone who works within the sport are served by their National Governing Body (NGB), we need to address urgent priorities which surfers will have as we go into the New Year.
In addition to addressing these urgent priorities we are determined to consult with the Surfing Community to find out what it is that YOU want from YOUR National Governing Body.

So, this is a chance to have your say. With the energy that’s around at the moment and loads of experienced volunteers on the steering committee, The NGB for Great British Surfing has an opportunity in the next couple of years to achieve great things. The direction we take will depend on NGB members, former members, people who care about surfing, or anyone in the community who has an opinion or wishes to contribute.

It’s your passion, your sport, and the NGB should be responding to what you want and need. Please take a few minutes to fill in this survey and give us the best chance we can to serve you properly.

Please note: This is a survey for individuals. If, for example you are a family of 4, then each family member should complete a separate survey.

Go and visit the new Surfing GB website for all the latest news. www.surfinggb.com

* 1. Which of the followings applies to you? (Please tick one option only)

* 2. Are you member of any of the following organisations?

* 3. Which of the following would you expect a National Governing Body do for you?

  Very important Important Neither Not important Not important at all Not sure
Insurance cover
Regular newsletter
Provide National Contests
Provide a political and campaigning voice for surfers
Provide support to your local surf club
Discount schemes (store discounts, travel etc..)
Provide Surf lessons, coaching
Monitor and inspect surf schools & coaches to maintain safety standards
Provide a national ranking system for elite performance and GB team selection
Social events
Surfing Community transport to the beach/ contest/events

* 4. If your top five membership benefits were met as outlined above what would you be happy to pay for an annual adult membership? (Only tick one box)

* 5. In your view, what should the Official British Surfing website do for you? On a rating scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the most important and 1 being least important).

  1 2 3 4 5
Events calendar UK and abroad
Local surfing information for all regions of the UK
On-line membership & payment
Downloadable documents (insurance, Health and safety, constitution...)
List of clubs, coaches, surf schools across the UK
On-line Live coverage of contests or location forecasts & webcams
Others. Please enter and describe in the box provided below

* 6. Which of the following statements best describes you in terms of how often you surf? Please tick one box only.

* 7. Please give us more detail about what you would like to see your NGB do for you.

* 8. Which gender are you?

* 9. How old are you?

* 10. Address/contact details
Your contact details will not be passed on to any third party; it will only be used by us, to help us decide where to concentrate our efforts when serving members. If you are under 18 please ask your parents’ permission before completing this section.