* 1. Name and Contact Information

* 2. Date of Graduation

* 3. Degree

* 4. Primary School/College

* 5. Secondary School/College

* 6. Academic Information

* 7. Employment/Graduate School Status

* 8. Employment Information

* 9. Is this position related to your career goals?

* 10. Annual Salary to the nearest $500
(Salaries are confidential - only average salaries for various groups will be reported)

* 13. How did you obtain your job?
(Please choose the best response)

* 14. Number of employers that you interviewed with during your job search?

* 15. Total number of offers received?

* 16. If you are pursuing further study, please provide the following information (if not, skip to question 18)

* 17. I am enrolled in my studies

* 18. If not currently pursuing studies, do you plan to do so in the future?

* 19. What resources did you use to assist you with your career needs? (check all that apply)

* 20. Which career services did you use? (check all that apply)

* 21. Activities/Services you participated in while at SU (check all that apply):

* 22. What was the most valuable academic or extra curricular experience you had while at SU? (i.e. class, professor, program, volunteer activity, internship, student organization, sports activity, etc.)