Thank you for completing this survey! The information you provide here is part of a needs assessment funded by the Zellerbach Family Foundation. Please know that the information you provide will remain confidential and will not be individually linked to you in our data analysis.

* 1. Were you/will you be a participant in the January 24 or January 25, 2015 call with Kristin Dempsey and Dr. Robert Williams?

* 2. Please complete the following information before proceeding with the survey

* 3. Please tell us what population your degree program(s) primarily prepares students to serve.

* 4. In your opinion, how prepared are graduates from your degree program(s) in providing substance use disorder treatment?

* 5. If your rating on question 4 was NOT a 10, state why you gave the number you did and not a LOWER number.

* 6. If your rating on question 4 was NOT a 10, please describe areas in which your degree program could improve.

* 7. At the present moment, how likely is it your degree program would incorporate "teaching-ready" (or ready-made?) modules (not courses, but topics within courses) into your curriculum to help achieve the improvements in your SUD Curriculum?

* 8. Please rate the ease or difficulty of incorporating "ready-made" modules into your degree program curriculum

* 9. What would need to be in place for you to use a ready-made model?

* 10. Please rate the following statement:
'Most providers have internal resources (expertise and money) to train new staff on substance use disorder treatment'

* 11. List three competencies that employers need new graduate degreed, direct service clinicians to have in order to provide substance use disorder treatment

Thank you!