Dear Communications Leader:  
Thank you for your contributions to the national Speak Up Research Project.  The Speak Up Research Project is facilitated annually by Project Tomorrow, a national education nonprofit organization with a 25-year history of supporting K-12 education.  The results from Speak Up annually inform state and national policymakers and funders on policies and programs that support the effective use of technology within K-12 schools and districts. 
Your input today will have an impact on the future of education and digital learning in our nation’s K-12 schools. 
The following survey includes mostly multiple-choice questions.  There are two open-ended questions for your narrative response.  The survey will take you less than 14 minutes to complete.  We ask a few demographic questions at the end of the survey.  Those are optional.  We use that data to inform our analysis work. 
All of your responses are protected by Project Tomorrow.  Our analysis is only interested in aggregated data.  None of your individual responses will be shared with anyone. 
On the final question you have the option to provide us with your email address.  We will be providing 20 District Communications Leaders who complete this survey with a $50 gift card.  Additionally, we can share with you the aggregated national data results so that you can see how your responses compare to other education leaders nationwide.  This the only reason we are asking you for your email address.  If you are not interested in either of these options, please just skip that question. 
Thank you again for your participation in this national research effort.  To learn more about Project Tomorrow and the annual Speak Up Research, visit
Julie A. Evans, Ed.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Project Tomorrow
Questions:  please contact us at