Hello and welcome to the 2020 Platform Committee Survey

Your answers and comments will help the Committee to determine what proposals are likely to pass and any changes that might need to be made prior to their presentation at the 2020 Convention.  PLEASE FILL THIS OUT ASAP SO THAT THE COMMITTEE CAN HAVE THE BENEFIT OF YOUR RESPONSES.

These proposals are subject to amendment up through and including at the Committee's last meeting prior to the national convention.  

If adopted proposals result in new planks, the Platform will be re-numbered accordingly.

The entire current platform can be found here:  2018 LIBERTARIAN PARTY PLATFORM. This document merely shows the portions for which the Committee is recommending changes.

For your consideration are the following categories of items:

*Primary committee recommendations
*Minority reports submitted thus far for primary recommendations

The Proposals which have been adopted by the Committee are identified by letters, i.e., Proposals A, Proposal B, and so forth.  Accompanying minority reports which will be labeled as A-1, B-1, etc. 
Click here to see how Platform would appear if all of the first category of items were adopted in full (with standard mark-up of changes).  Click here to see a standard three-column comparison of all of the proposals.

Thank you very much for your time and attention to this important task.

In Liberty,
Caryn Ann Harlos, Platform Committee Chair and LNC Secretary 

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns at caryn.ann.harlos@LP.org or 561-523-2250