We want to know you

Welcome to our school.  We hope you will complete the questions honestly, so we can understand what you hope to experience at Explore English.  Your answers will help us improve the quality of service we provide.

* 1. Why did you choose Explore English

* 2. Have you studied in a Language Centre in Australia before?

* 3. How important is making friends at Explore English?

* 4. How important is using new technology in the classroom?

* 5. How important is the price for English classes?

* 6. How important is it that teachers really understand International students and their culture?

* 7. How important are school excursions and activities?

* 8. Are FREE lessons after class important to you?

* 9. Are the school facilities important to you?

* 10. Is it important to have a Student Welfare Officer at the school?

* 11. What would make you really happy at Explore English?

* 12. Is there anything else that is very important that you would like to share with us?