The Mountain West Digital Library will be hosting workshops to prepare public librarians to digitize and contribute content to the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) through the MWDL and associated regional service hubs. This training is supported through the Public Library Partnership Project, awarded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the DPLA. In these workshops, public librarians will learn valuable skills about content selection, working with materials to be digitized, rights management, metadata assignment, writing for the web, and digital exhibition curation.

If you are a public librarian in Utah who helps patrons with local history, genealogy, and other unique regional content, this training is for you! One staff member per library will be given priority placement in the workshops. Travel stipends are available, and lunch will be provided to workshop participants. Approval and commitment to the project by your library director or equivalent supervisor is required.

Following the workshop, each participant will be paired with an experienced hosting hub, which will provide digitization services and technical support. Each participant will create a digital collection and participate in creating online exhibits for the Digital Public Library of America.
Public Library Information

* 1. Public Library Name

* 2. City

* 3. Zip Code

Contact Information

* 4. First Name

* 5. Last Name

* 6. Job Title

* 7. Email Address

* 8. Phone Number

* 9. Workshop Date (choose one)

About You and Your Library

* 10. Have you digitized any materials from your library before? If yes, tell us about your previous project.

* 11. Describe your skill or knowledge level with the digitization process? It is fine to be a beginner!

* 12. What would you like to have digitized? We are particularly interested in items that showcase the cultural heritage or regional history of your local community. At this stage of the training, single page items like photos, letters, and documents are preferred as opposed to multiple page items like newspapers or yearbooks.

* 13. Library Director Approval

* 14. By participating in this project, you are agreeing to participate in the following stages: