The Town of Mayerthorpe values and encourages public engagement and is committed to open two-way communication to develop and deliver quality programs and services that meet the needs of the community. The purpose of this survey is to gather information on the 2018 budget in support of open and transparent governance of the Town.

Thank you in advance for your valuable input, it is greatly appreciated!

* 1. Did You Know . . .    Yearly property taxes include external third-party requisitions (formal demand) for Provincial Education Programs and Lac Ste. Anne Foundation that account for an overall average of 16.33% (2017 Actual) of the Town's total percentage of taxes collected?

These taxes are remitted to the Province and Foundation and are not set or controlled by the Town.

* 2. Did You Know . . .   Local Improvement Tax Levy (LITL) is a charge to specific properties that directly benefit from capital (major)  improvements to public infrastructure (pavement, sidewalk(s), etc.) rather than the whole Town?

The LITL is based on 25% of the cost of the capital improvement (per Town policy) and is applied based on the frontage/flankage (metres/square feet) of properties that border the capital improvement.  Property owners have the right to petition the LITL, as well as, the Borrowing Bylaw for any LITL.  LITL can be paid in full at time of the tax being levied (no interest) or over the design life expectancy of the improvement (interest).

* 3. Please prioritize the following public services:

  Very Important  Important Neutral Not Very Important Not Important At All
Recreation/Culture Services 
Infrastructure: Public Buildings/Roads/Water/Sewer/Drainage
Economic Development/Business Support & Attraction
Crime/Bylaw Enforcement/ Fire & Emergency Services 
Family & Community Support Services
Waste/Recycle/Household Hazardous Waste/Compost/Spring Clean Up

* 4. Which of the following tax strategies would you support?
If you wish to support more than one (1), please select a maximum of three (3):

* 5. Please prioritize the following projects:

* 6. Please let us know where you prefer to get your information from the Town (Rank them from Most Preferred to Least Preferred):

  Most Preferred Preferred Neutral Less Preferred Least Preferred
Website (
Facebook Page (
Newsletter (our Connection)
Utility Bill Inserts
Newspaper Public Notices
Twitter (@mayerthorpe1)

* 7. Would you like to expand on any of your responses? If so please use the comment box below.

* 8. Where do you reside or operate a business?