About Your Store Visit

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* 4. What location did you visit?

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* 6. Are you Sedona Taphouse VIP Loyalty Member?

About Your Arrival

* 7. Upon arrival, were you greeted promptly with a warm and friendly welcome by a member of our staff or management?

* 8. If you had to wait for your table:

  Yes No
Was the waiting time accurate?
Did the hostess suggest where you could wait?
If it was longer than 15 minutes, were you offered a sample of drink or food?

* 9. Where were you seated?

Your Service Experience

* 10. How long did it take for a server/bartender to greet you?

* 11. Who was your server or bartender (or description)?

* 12. If at the bar, was the bartender friendly, engaging and making eye contact?

* 13. Did your server do a menu presentation highlighting our featured (special) items, referring to the Featured Items menu board?

Beverage Service

* 14. Please answer the following questions about your beverage service:

  Yes No N/A
Did your server immediately bring water to the table?
Did your server recommend ordering bottled water?
Did your server recommend a specific beer, wine or cocktail?
If you requested a sample of beer did your server recommend a tasting flight?
Did your drinks arrive promptly and were they prepared correctly?
Service Experience

* 15. Was your server knowledgeable and helpful with navigating through our menu?

* 16. Were you satisfied with your food preparation and quality?

* 17. Did your server provide fast friendly and efficient service throughout your entire experience?

* 18. Did your server mention the Sedona Taphouse VIP Loyalty Program?

* 19. Did a manager stop by your table? Please describe if name is unknown.

* 20. If having dinner, did your server offer dessert and/or coffee?

* 21. If you visited the restrooms were they clean and stocked?

Your Overall Experience

* 22. Were you satisfied with your overall experience during your visit?

* 23. Did you experience any problems during your visit? If so, please provide feedback on the issue was handled:

  Not at All Well Not So Well Somewhat Well Very Well Extremely Well
How well did management handle the problem?

* 24. Based upon this visit, would you return and recommend our restaurant?

* 25. Is there any member of our staff that you would like to highlight?

* 26. Are there any other observations from your visit that you would like to share?

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