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Footscray Community Arts has a Draft Disability & Inclusion Action Plan.  

We want your feedback on our draft plan so we can better understand how we can make Footscray Community Arts more accessible for Deaf and/or Disabled Communities.

In this survey, we are asking for specific feedback about our goals and actions areas. 

To view our Draft Disability Action Plan, please visit our website here

Our Disability and Inclusion Action Plan is a document that has been created in collaboration with our community.  
It is a plan to make sure Footscray Community Arts integrates accessible ways of working, developing and presenting art.
Please complete this survey by Sunday 7 May 2023. This survey is confidential and results are de-identified and anonymous. 
Your feedback is important to us.

DIAP timeline. December ’22- April ’23 Consolidate information, write draft plan, share draft with community for feedback (this step).April – May 2023  Plan is approved. We put the plan into action and keep it alive everyday!
Survey Access Notes 
This survey will ask you questions about how you identify, what makes events, venues and communications accessible to you, and what you think Footscray Community Arts should prioritise in our Disability & Inclusion Action Plan.  
It has 4 questions that are mandatory tick boxes and 8 questions that have text boxes that are optional to complete.
There are other ways to complete this survey: 
  • Word Document survey formats are available on our website here  
  • Printed copies of survey are available at Footscray Community Arts reception and can be posted to your address on request. 
  • The use of iPads and internet to complete survey are available during reception hours.
Reception Hours: 
Tuesday to Friday 9:30am - 5:00pm  
Saturday to Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm  
Phone: 03 9362 8888  
Address: 45 Moreland Street Footscray 3011

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* 1. Consent* 
I have read the survey information above and agree that my anonymous feedback will be used to help Footscray Community Arts develop a Disability & Inclusion Action Plan to improve accessibility.

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* 2. How would you describe your relationship with Footscray Community Arts? (tick all that apply)*

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* 3. Do you identify as any of the following? Please choose all that apply.*

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* 4. Are you connected with Melbourne's West? Please choose all that apply.*

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* 5.  Do you have feedback about our goals? 
Disability Inclusion Action Plan Goals

Our vision is that all communities are valued as makers of culture.
Through this plan, our goals are to: 
  • Support leadership by d/Deaf and Disabled artists and workers 
    Develop a team culture that prioritises access at every level of the organisation 

  • Champion human rights by being thoughtful, considered and focused on improving access
  • Ensure access is inclusive across different cultures and communities and with our communities of focus: First Nations, culturally and linguistically diverse, LGBTQIA+ and d/Deaf and Disabled artists. 

  • Continually review, listen, engage and collaborate with d/Deaf and Disabled artists, workers and audience members 

  • Be consistent and considerate in how we work.

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* 6. Do you have feedback about our terminology and language we will use? 


As an organisation, Footscray Community Arts will now use the term ‘d/Deaf and Disabled.’  
We are committed to using language that reflects the needs of our communities. 
We recognise that people use different terms to describe themselves and that language is important and complex. 
In our relationships with individuals, we will always be led by the person and how they want to identify themselves.  
We commit to reviewing the language we use and respond to the politics of our communities.

Our Action Areas:

The following themes came out of the feedback we received from our communities. These have been turned into action areas. 
Please click next to read about these action areas and give your feedback.

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* 7. Do you have feedback about our Action Area, Leadership

We are committed to ensuring there is d/Deaf and Disabled leadership across our organisation.  
Footscray Community Arts will do this by 
  • Provide training to all staff about disability and access 
  • Ensuring all parts of Footscray Community Arts is accessible, culturally safe and well-equipped to support the leadership of d/Deaf and Disabled artists and arts workers 
  • Review and update all policies and procedures to embed accessibility 
  • Improve HR processes to integrate accessibility within our culture and way of working.

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* 8. Do you have feedback about our Action Area, Communication?

We will ensure strong communication and collaboration is embedded in how we work.  
Footscray Community Arts will do this by 
  • Developing consistently strong forms of communication for audiences and artists we work with 
  • Invest in and build our relationships with d/Deaf and Disabled Communities 
  • Work with d/Deaf and Disabled consultants to evaluate our communication strategies.

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* 9. Do you have feedback about our Action Area, Creativity?

We will provide a space for d/Deaf and Disabled artists to be their full artistic selves and create ambitious work. We will ensure our internal processes are accessible and provide tailored and appropriate support for artists. 
Footscray Community Arts will do this by 
  • Improving our project management workflows to embed access at every stage of a project with tangible actions. 
  • Adjust our internal collaboration processes to be artist-led.

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* 10. Do you have feedback about our Action Area, Experience?

We will develop a cohesive and consistent approach to delivering accessible experiences for visitors and industry. 
Footscray Community Arts will do this by 
  • Research and implement precinct-wide upgrades to improve the physical accessibility of our venues 
  • Ensure our marketing and online experience embeds accessibility across all channels and includes targets to engage with d/Deaf and Disabled communities.

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* 11. Do you have further feedback that we should consider for our Disability and Inclusion Action Plan?

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