Please complete the evaluation as prompted throughout the STEP Program.

Part of the goal of this program is to receive gradual and consistent improved feedback as each employee progresses towards graduation day. This evaluation will be used confidentially to evaluate the overall program efforts and outcomes. Please take the time to give your thoughtful and honest feedback.

Please rank each statement on a scale from 1 to 5
4=Very Good

* 1. I am confident and comfortable presenting both concerns and appreciation to my supervisor

* 2. I am appreciated in my position

* 3. I am supported by employees of the office

* 4. I am prepared to perform my job duties safely and confidently

* 5. I am prepared to identify and troubleshoot boundary issues

* 6. I am professionally prepared to advance my career with AHC

* 7. I am proud to be an Accurate employee and plan to stay with them or would definitely consider returning in the future

* 8. Any additional comments