Hello, Walk Smart Participant! Please enter your monthly total steps for both recreational walking, and steps that replaced car trips for the previous month.
Complete this process by the 10th of the following month to be eligible for the monthly prize drawings. ( EXAMPLE: Enter Decembers steps by January 10th )

PLEASE DO NOT LOG SPECIAL WALK @ LUNCH EVENTS in this collector. A special separate collector will be sent to your email for recording those steps. Thanks for your cooperation.

1. Are you a first time walker? (This is the first month in which you have ever submitted your step count.)

5. Type in your first and last name

6. Enter email address below. (This is how we will contact you should you be the lucky winner in our monthly drawings.)

7. How many total steps did you have for the month?

8. Please make a quick estimate of how many of your total steps represent trips that you might otherwise have made by car. This could include such trips as walking to the grocery store, post office, school etc. (For instance, if you had a total of 225,000 steps, and you estimate that 20% of those steps could have replaced car trips, that would be 45,000 steps: 225,000 total steps x 20% (.20) = 45,000 steps that replaced car trips)Please place the total # of steps here, not the percentage. Such as 45,000
Please enter a number here,not a percentage amount, the computer can not calculate it for you in this field.

9. Please tell us about any obstacles you encounter when walking in Wilsonville. Obstacles could include missing sidewalks, dangerous crossings, or anything that makes your walk more difficult. (Optional)