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1. Parent's First and Last Name

2. The best email to contact parent is...

3. Student's First Name

4. Student's Last Name

5. Parents Phone number:

6. Student's Grade

7. School Name

8. 10- Digit Student ID (if you don't know it, please skip)

9. What are your child's strengths at school? Click all that apply.

10. My child needs support in the following areas. Please click all that apply.

11. How would you like the STEMworks AFTERschool program to support your child?

12. Is your child in need of transportation in order to participate in the STEMworks AFTERschool program?

13. Parents, you are a valuable resource to students and we welcome your participation in the program through volunteering.

14. Select the reason(s) you signed up for the STEMworks AFTERSchool program. Click all that apply.

15. What would your child be doing if they were not attending the STEMworks AFTERschool program? Click all that apply.

16. My child has a positive attitude towards...

  Never Sometimes Often Very often Always N/A
Attending School
Collaborative Projects
Solving Complex Problems

17. At home, with relatives or friends, my child talks about....

  Never Sometimes Often Very often
Completing Homework/Schoolwork
Earning good grades
Graduating high school
Having an internship
Graduating college
Earning a higher education degree
Working in a STEM related career

18. How did you hear about STEMworks AFTERschool? Click all that apply.

19. For Pukalani Parents ONLY, Choose top 2 choices of classes:

  First Choice Second Choice
Grade 1 - Coding & Robotics  on Tues (2-3:30) & Fri (2-3:30)
Grade 2- Coding & Robotics on Thurs (2-3:30) &  Fri (2-3:30)
Grade 3 - Coding & Robotics Tues (2-3:30) & Wed (12:30-2)
Grade 4 & 5 - STEM Exploration on Wed (2:15-3:45) & Thurs (2-3:30)
Grade 4 & 5 - Movie Making on Mon (2-3:30) & Thurs (2-3:30) & Fri (2-3:30)
Grade 5 - TinkerCAD on Wed (2:15-3:45) & Fri (2-3:30)