"Disrupting Silos and Creating STEM Habits of Mind” has been chosen as the conference theme for 2017. Areas of focus have been selected as follows:
• Partnerships for Change– Partnerships between and among K12, industry, informal, university, counselors, parents, private, public, etc. What are these effective partnerships and how can they be replicated?
• STEM+ – Connections with STEM and all disciplines, including art, foreign language, English/Language Arts, history, computer science etc. in both formal and informal learning
• Social Entrepreneurship and Public Purpose - How is STEM being used to address issues of social injustice, social need, and service learning for the good of public purpose?
• Computer Science - What are the specific ways in which girls are succeeding in computer science?  What encourages them to participate?

For more information on the conference as a whole, please see:

You may choose from any of the following session types:
• One hour hands-on workshop
• Two hour hands-on workshop
• One hour presentation
• One hour Think Tank discussion session

In addition to a presentation or workshop session format, proposers may choose to propose a “Think Tank” discussion session. A Think Tank discussion should begin with a topic and then allow for open discussion on that topic. The proposer should clearly outline the topics to be discussed in a more classic open-ended Think Tank format, rather than in another format.

All proposals will be judged on the following criteria:
• Is the proposed session relevant to the conference theme?
• Is the proposed session relevant to a conference strand, if one is selected?
• Is there potential for rich discussion if Think Tank format is chosen?
• Does the proposed session have applicability to the intended audience?
• Does the proposed session appear to be of an appropriate session length and have an interactive focus?
• Does the proposed session demonstrate ideas or activities with proven effectiveness?
• Does the proposal clearly describe the session?
• Is the proposed session topic timely/appropriate?

You will be asked for the following items in this proposal. Please do not begin filling out this form until you are prepared to answer them all.
• title of no more than 120-characters
• 200 word or less abstract
• agenda with times assigned to each task
• needed materials or tasks to be completed prior to workshop
• list of participant take-aways
• speaker biography(ies) of no more than 100 words

You will also be asked to submit separately a short video to advertise your session.

Please submit the following form no later than January 31, 2017. Notifications will be made by February 28, 2017. Presenters will receive a $50 discount in their registration fee.

Should you have questions or problems, please contact us. All starred fields must be completed.

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