West TN STEM Spotlights Nomination Form

West Tennessee STEM Spotlights is an initiative of the West Tennessee STEM Hub to motivate K-12 students to consider STEM careers. This will be achieved by showcasing engaging professionals from a variety of STEM disciplines. The STEM Spotlights are intended to demonstrate variety- in career path, gender, ethnicity, level of experience- such that students understand that STEM fields provide an opportunity for people from every background and area of interest to make an impact in our society.

Please take a few minutes to nominate professionals in your organization that would make excellent role models and would be willing to share their stories. We intend to create both video and printed materials that will be shared throughout the region via our West Tennessee STEM Hub website.

* 1. Name of nominating organization:

* 2. Name of STEM professional(s) being nominated:

* 3. Brief description of why this person(s) would make an outstanding STEM Spotlight feature:

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