Through an Institute of Museum and Library Services grant, the Oklahoma Department of Libraries is able to support the OK Virtual Library eBook and Audio Book collections. This grant will fund the growing demand for electronic reading materials and strengthen the cooperative efforts of the libraries involved in the OK Virtual Library project.
In order to gain information about the use of electronic books among Oklahoma library patrons and to provide feedback to our grant funders, we have developed an online survey.

* 1. What type of electronic material do you borrow on OK Virtual Library?

* 2. Which answer best describes why you select audiobooks or eBooks?

* 3. How did you learn how to use your audio or eBook device?

* 4. Using OK Virtual Library for audiobooks, or eBooks has:

* 5. How has using your electronic device to check out items from the OK Virtual Library changed your opinion of the library or librarians?

* 6. Do you use this service to... (check all that apply)

* 7. Has using the OK Virtual Library made you aware of other services the library provides that you didn't know about before?

* 8. Do you use other library services in addition to OK Virtual Library? (check all that apply)

* 9. Would you access eBooks or  audiobooks from other sources if this service were not available?

* 10. How have you most benefited from using OK Virtual Library?