Survey Questions

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1. What is your relationship to SPSV? Please check all that apply.

2. What are SPSV's greatest organizational strengths?

3. What do you consider to be SPSV's greatest organizational weaknesses

4. What are SPSV's greatest opportunities for success in the next 3-5 years? 

5. Please rate your overall level of satisfaction in these areas:

  Excellent Very Good Above Average Average Below Average
Personal Growth and Development
Faith formation & Campus Ministry (i.e. retreats, liturgy, etc.)
Quality of the academic program at SPSV
Christian Service
College Counseling

6. If you answered ‘below average’, please explain. 

7. Please select three from the following list that you perceive to be the most important elements of a SPSV education.

8. In your opinion, what is the reputation of SPSV in the community?

9. Based on your answer to Question 4 and 8, what would prevent SPSV from achieving success? 

10. If you answered ‘not good’ to Question 8, what are the contributing factors and what should change?

11. How do you grade (A-D, with A being the best) SPSV’s assertiveness and effectiveness in competing for:

  A B C D
Philanthropic financial support
Strong individuals for key leadership positions

12. How well informed do you feel about current issues and SPSV’s plans for the future?

13. If there were money available to invest in SPSV, what would be your top three priorities? 

14. If you identified as an alumnus, please indicate your level of interest for the following alumni events that you would support and attend:

15. Are there other events you would be interested in attending? Please share below.

16. If you identified as a current donor, please share why you are currently financially supporting SPSV.

17. Help us determine the best method of communication to reach you. Check all that apply.

18.  Please check all the communications materials that you currently receive from SPSV

19. If you had school aged children or grandchildren, would you send them to SPSV? If not, why?

20. Please provide any additional feedback you believe is helpful as we consider the future of SPSV.