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This survey tool is in development.  This is an investment of your time in your personal growth.   
At the end of each section will be a place for you to type your comments for anything that seemed confusing...or anything that you think would make that section better.    
In order to do our part to keep the Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid functioning best, we are doing our part by honoring your investment of time.  You can enroll for FREE as an individual in the SevaXchange.com to demonstrate how many hours you are volunteering for Wellness Weavers online or local projects with proper public health precautions. 
This process is part of a cooperative grassroots effort to reduce stress, social injustices, and debt.   We believe we can help people to feel heard and part of the solutions to the issues that cause them angst.   
This assessment focuses on the individual who is taking it.  There are no "right" answers.  Pick the ones that best represent you. 

Question Title

* 1. Rate the level of confidence that you have with the following Skills.  

  Want to improve Beginner Good Expert
Listening to safety instructions
Listening to people who are calmly speaking to teach something that doesn't interest you but that others say is important to learn for becoming a confident adult. 
Listening to people who are teaching something you do want to learn. 
Asking your question when it pops into your head. 
Writing down your question to ask in case it is not covered during the lesson.
Discerning lies
Knowing what is the right next action
Doing the next right action
Reading & feeling like you understand
Reading out loud comfortably
Speaking to express what is in your heart and on your mind. 
Expressing an opinion or bringing up a problem that you feel others need to consider.
Recognizing that someone is not feeling well physically, emotionally, or behaviorally. 
Care-giving for infants
Speaking calmly when others are upset.
Thinking calmly when others are upset. 
Writing down facts of meetings
Researching for gathering a full view on a topic
Using a Smartphone
Using a computer
Doing math with paper and pencil
Doing math with a calculator
Counting monetary change 
Reading blueprints
Reading building code manuals
Reading a tape measure
Food category & options:  garden prep, garden planting, composting systems, garden care, produce harvest, using harvest, preserving harvest. Organic pest management 
Bee hives
Meat and dairy
Wildlife management
Equipment, Vehicle maintenance 

Question Title

* 2. What comments suggestions do you have?