1. The Location, Organisation and Format

We hope you have enjoyed attending the 2011 STARS Patient Day held at the Heart Rhythm Congress. In order for us to ensure future events reflect your ideas and thoughts, we would be most grateful if you could complete this form.

* 1. Were you satisfied with the location?

* 2. Were you satisfied with the Birmingham Hilton Metropole?

* 3. The meeting broadly fulfilled my expectations.

* 4. Do you feel there was a good balance of sessions?

* 5. Were you satisfied that there was enough opportunity for discussion, comments, questions and answer interchange?

* 6. How useful did you find the sessions in learning more about treatment options for Syncope?

* 7. Did you feel that you left each session with a greater awareness of the issues surrounding Syncope?

* 8. What did you find most helpful?

* 9. What was least useful?

* 10. Do you have any further comments on the sessions?

* 11. What other Syncope related topics would you welcome being included on future meeting agendas?

* 12. I would attend the meeting again next year.

Thank you for completing the STARS Patients Day Evaluation form.

Would you be interested in volunteering to join a focus group to review patient information for STARS?

If yes, please email pippa@stars.org.uk and explain briefly why you would like to join the Patient Review Group.