2017-2018 STAR Tech Application

Want to use your technical skills in a positive way and help teachers and students to better learn how to use the iPad? We are looking for students to be part of the EUSD Student Technology Assistant Resource (STAR) program for the 2017-2018 school year. STAR Tech students will be official support providers for helping their school become even stronger at using technology in the classroom.

Job Description: Students will need to make a yearlong commitment to be part of the STAR Tech team. This includes being present for a training on September 1st at 12:45pm. 

Students who are accepted into the STAR Tech program will:

• Attend a special summer training with other STAR Tech students from throughout the district.
• Receive a custom STAR Tech badge that they will wear when on duty.
• Make training videos for teachers and students that will be posted on the STAR Tech website.
• Support the district efforts to assist with a smoother technology integration process.
• Learn and then share the importance of digital literacies with all staff and students at your school site.

Responsibilities will include:

• Support classrooms in using apps on the iPad.
• Provide basic non-network tech support (Air Server, iPad printing, Google Drive).
• Assist teachers with programs or apps that they would like to teach or learn.
• Create at least one "... in a SNAP" video each year.

Requirements for Participating:

• Students will behave in a professional and courteous manner.
• Students will be respectful when in a classroom with a teacher and students, as well as when on the STAR Tech Edmodo or PowerSchool web site.
• Students will only do tech support that is specifically described in the STAR Tech Guidebook.
• Students will be in 5th or 6th grade next school year.
• Be in good academic standing in classroom.
• Students will be an example for other students by understanding and displaying the best digitally responsible behaviors.

Applicants that are chosen will be notified by August 28th.

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 5. Current Teacher's Name

* 6. Are you available for two days in the summer for a training and orientation? The days are August 9 and 10. Please verify with your parent(s).

* 7. At times you may be asked to support the STAR Tech program during your lunch time. Would you be willing to volunteer your time at least once a week to STAR Tech instead of going out to recess?

* 8. Why you want to be in the STAR Tech program. Use the job description to help you answer the question. Please use 50- 100 words.)

* 9. What problems have you seen that other teachers or students have had with technology?

Please respond to the question below with your answer. Think about multiple reasons why they can't login.

* 10. Please let us know how well you know the following programs. If you can show someone else how to use it
select "I Can Teach It"

  I Can Teach It I Can Use It I Don't Know It
Animation Creator HD
Explain Everything
Google Drive
Khan Academy

* 11. Do you know how to?

  Yes No
Save to Google Drive from another app
Open a PDF in Notability
Import movies from other apps like Explain Everything into iMovie
Crop and edit a picture from the Camera Roll
Print a document from the iPad
Display iPad on the projector using Air Server
Sign onto Clever

* 12. Were you a STAR Tech student last year?

* 13. Do you have your own personal Apple ID?

* 14. If you are chosen as a STAR Tech, are you interested in filming and being a part of the EUSD Film Guild?

* 15. What other areas are you interest in?