* 1. 1. With your youngest child, did you breast feed?

* 2. 2. If so, why did you breast feed? If not, why? If you did not breast feed, end questionnaire here.

* 3. 3. While breast feeding, were you focused on/concerned with what you were eating? Please explain.

* 4. 4. How long did you breast feed? Did your diet ever drastically change during this time? Please explain.

* 5. 5. Can you provide me with a typical day’s type of food? What do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

* 6. 6. Please indicate if you consumed the following while breast feeding:

* 7. 7. Do you think what you eat impacts the milk you provide for your child? Please explain.

* 8. 8. Demographic questions- Please answer as you feel comfortable
a) In what age category do you fall?

* 9. b) What is your level of education?

* 10. c) What ethnicity are you?