Once each month, All Souls donates the full amount of our non-pledge collection plate to a worthy cause. The purpose of Share the Plate is to encourage congregation engagement with, and to contribute financially to, local, national, or international organizations that share Unitarian Universalist values and actively respond to community needs and issues. Ideally, congregation members are involved, or can become involved, with these causes.  In general, the Share the Plate initiative is not intended to duplicate already established contributions from All Souls or Heart and Soul.

Congregants are invited to suggest a Share the Plate organization by filling out the Request form.  All submissions will be considered by the Share the Plate Committee.  The committee will initially consider recommendations for the months of November and December 2023 and January 2024.  Please note the nominated group should have an Internal Revenue Code § 501(c)(3) status. The deadline for initial submission is Friday, March 15, 2024.

The Share the Plate Committee is comprised of the following All Souls Congregants:

Robert Dottin (robtin06@gmail.com)
Malinda Foy (malindafoy@gmail.com)
Bruce Knotts (brucefk@gmail.com)
Mark Leeds (mleeds@mayerbrown.com)
Karen Steele (ksteelny@gmail.com)
Gus Young (gusyoung528@optimum.net)

Question Title

* 1. Suggested Recipient Organization for Share the Plate (Note: Organization must have tax-exempt charitable status).

Question Title

* 2. What connection do members of All Souls have to the suggested Recipient?  Does this organization receive ongoing contributions from All Souls or Heart and Soul?

Question Title

* 3. Mission of the suggested Recipient Organization- if possible, include a link to their website.

Question Title

* 4. Please indicate if the organization is local, national, or international.

Question Title

* 5. In a few sentences, how does the mission of the suggested Recipient Organization relate to the mission of All Souls? (*see All Souls Value and Mission statements below.)

*All Souls Values and Mission:

Values: Possibility. Connection. Transformation

Mission: As a religious community, we nurture possibilities and create connections that transform lives and serve the world.

Ends (excerpt) Beyond All Souls - We strive to create the world that ought to be. We:

·       Gather people with diverse perspectives to engage issues that are challenging and difficult.

·       Demonstrate the vitality of faith in our lives.

·       Promote and develop Unitarian Universalism in our city, the nation, and the world.

·       Serve our neighbors in need.

·       Partner to create a more just and compassionate world