1. ECCIC Website Feedback Survey

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The ECCIC website was redesigned in early 2010, primarily to make the resources and information easier to find. Since this website is for the community, we would very much appreciate your feedback, whether you are familiar with the old site or not. Please look for some information/resources on the ECCIC website that would be useful to you BEFORE completing this survey. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

* 1. Please select the group that most closely describes you, related to your use of the ECCIC website:

* 2. Did you ever visit the old version of the ECCIC website?

* 3. When you looked for information/resources on the new ECCIC website, what were you looking for?

* 4. Did you find what you were looking for?

* 5. If possible, could you please describe the series of clicks and/or search terms you used.

* 6. Please rate how easy or difficult you found your search to be:

* 7. Please describe any changes or additions (structure and/or content) you think should be made to the website: