* 1. Which features would you love to see in Futaba Classroom Games?

  Not important Would be handy This would be great Give it to me now
Better instructions manuals for creating your own content
A "white board" mode that would allow the entire class to play
More History Content / Game Sets
A 2 player mode
A better way to find game content relevant to your class
The option to play with 2,3, or 4 correct answer buttons
The ability to save each "game content" selection as a set
More Game Content in all categories
A way to track individual student performance
More Foreign Language Content / Game Sets
More Maths Content / Game Sets
Better tools for adding your own content
A way to pause the game without the popup showing
More English Content / Game Sets
More Science Content / Game Sets

* 2. What grade do you use Futaba Classroom Games with?

* 3. If there was one thing you could change about Futaba Classroom Games what would it be?

* 4. Do you have an other Apps you need in your classroom that aren't currently available (or could be improved)?

* 5. Would you pay for a yearly or bi-yearly subscription to Futaba, which would include new game content delivered to your iPad ?