* 1. Rating the Users Group Sessions at SC16

  Yes Somewhat/Maybe No
The discussions were relevant to me.
I was able to ask the questions I had.
I would attend another GPFS UG Meeting.

* 2. If I could change one thing about the SC15 GPFS UG sessions it would be:

* 3. My favorite thing about this GPFS UG Meeting was:

* 4. At a future GPFS Users Group I would like to see a discussion around (name a topic):

* 5. I plan to attend the GPFS Users Group meeting at IBM Southbank, London, UK (17th, 18th May 2016)

* 6. Regarding use of Big Data Analytics / HDFS on your clusters, are you:

* 7. Regarding use of Object Storage, are you:

* 8. Any other feedback?