The Family Forest Fish Passage Program assists small forest landowners to improve fish passage on their forestlands by removing artificial, or human-created fish barriers. If you believe you may have a fish barrier and are interested in having the site evaluated, please complete this application. For a full explanation of this program, please refer to Family Forest Fish Passage Program Guidelines ( or call (360) 902-1404 for assistance.

After your application is received, a field representative will contact you to set up a site visit and provide you with a detailed explanation of the program. If the site does not meet the program criteria, your enrollment will be automatically discontinued.

* Contact Information

* Who will be the main contact for your project?

* If the landowner is represented by someone other than themselves, please provide their information below

* How did you find out about the program?

* Site Location

* Legal Description

* Forest Practices application number (if applicable)

* Number of barriers you are applying for

* What is the name of the stream the barrier is located on?

* Do others have a right-of-way or easement over the stream crossing?

* Are there utilities in the roadway?

* Any other known barriers upstream or downstream from your site?

* Is there a cost-share for your site?

* I certify that the information above is correct; and that I choose to enroll in the Family Forest Fish Passage Program and have my site evaluated for potential barrier/s.

* Please provide driving directions for reaching the site.