* 1. When do you visit Cumberland River Holiday Park?

* 2. What primary accommodation do you mostly use?

* 3. How important are these attractions in bringing you back?

  Vital Very Somewhat Little None Negative
The beach and river mouth for surfing, swimming, sand
The rocks for exploration, snorkelling
Fishing at beach, rocks, river
Walking/hiking up river incl. swimming at Jebbs and higher falls
Walking/hiking up the mountains
The camp swimming hole and adjacent cliff/"cave"
The whole setting
The wildlife
The playground and rotunda/hut
Having your own campfire
The amenities blocks (showers, toilets, dish and clothes washing)
The services and service at the office/shop
The proximity of Lorne
A wider Great Ocean Road/Great Otway National Park experience
The people you hook up with year after year
"Everybody" caring, especially looking out for youngsters

* 4. What are the ages of people who normally come to Cumbo with you? Include yourself. Only one from your group should answer this one.

  0 1 2 3 4+

* 5. In which decade did members of your group (including ancestors) start coming to Cumbo?

* 6. Do you have or have access to any historical materials/media that may be of interest to other Cumbo visitors? If you do, please describe.

* 7. Have you and yours been involved in Myron's Cumbo Cabaret in early January each year?

  Performer Spectator Stayed away Not at Cumbo then

* 8. Would you be interested in a Friends of Cumbo group? If so, what involvement do you envisage?

* 9. Where are you and yours mostly when not at Cumbo?

* 10. Anything else you would like to add?