Sister Singers Network Individual Membership

Women arrangers, composers, and individual singers are invited to become members of Sister Singers Network. Membership for each of those categories is $10 per year.

The information you provide will appear in the online membership directory. For individual arrangers, composers, and singers, only your name, email, web site, and description will appear in the public directory; the rest of your contact information will be available online to other SSN members.

Sister Singers Network
P.O. Box 412280
Chicago, IL 60641-2280

* Year You Joined SSN

* Contact Info

* Brief Description of Your SSN-related Self

* Other information you'd like us to have, or questions you'd like us to answer.

To complete your individual membership application or renewal,
PRINT NOW and enclose the printout with a $10 check made payable to Sister Singers Network.

Send to
  Sister Singers Network
  P.O. Box 412280
  Chicago IL 60641-2280

Email Addresses for Questions
Questions regarding the Membership may be addressed to