* 1. Do you plan on attending any of the Day Trips with the Day Trip Diva's group?

* 2. If you ARE going to attend a Day Trip Diva event, what is the MOST you are willing to pay for the event TO INCLUDE lunch following the event? 

* 3. Would you be interested in participating in a "Christmas Caroling" group, just for the Holiday season to sing at various venues? (Veteran's hospital, childrens hospital, nursing homes, etc etc)

* 4. Are you interested in seeing ANY of the following ideas be developed into a club for our RSACWC members? Check all that apply

* 5. If you answered that you DO want to see additional groups added, would YOU be willing to be a LEAD FACILITATOR for the group(s)? If so, please comment which ones. 

* 6. Is there a different group not listed above or that we do not currently offer that you would like to see? If so, please comment what group(s) you would like to see. Thank you for taking the survey!