* 1. What is the length of your membership?

* 2. What type of membership do you or your family member have?

* 3. Does anyone in your family attend group ex classes?

* 4. Does any one in your family attend a different Link program?

* 5. What type of program would you likely use at The Link?

* 6. Please rank The Link , with 5 being the best.

  Poor Average Awesome N/A
General facility and its amenities
Fitness classes and equipment
Staff knowledge
Staff friendliness
Cleanliness of the facility
Camp and After School Program
Senior programs
City special events
Rental facilities

* 7. If you chose average or lower on any of the above areas, please take a moment to let us know why we did not score higher in your opinion.

* 8. Where have you seen marketing or information about The Link? (choose all that apply)

* 9. What type of Outdoor Programing would you or your family be most likely to attend? (choose all that you would like)

* 10. Not mandatory, but please give us your email for a chance at 3 free months for a membership for you or your family at The Link or $150 toward a rental at The Link.  (email will not be given or sold to any entity).