SSI/SSP Questions

CAADS' April 19, 2018 Webinar includes an overview of the SSI/SSP program.  The next few questions will help us understand your level of understanding about SSI/SSP so the presentation can be tailored to meet your needs. There is also a place for you to pose any questions you may have for our presenters from Justice in Aging.

* 1. Address

* 2. Persons with SSI/SSP appear on the Medi-Cal Eligibility File with Aid Code 10 (Elderly); Aid Code 20 (Blind)  or Aid Code 60 (Disabled). Please estimate the number of people at your center who receive SSI/SSP for income support.

* 3. The following statements are examples of common problems that Justice in Aging has observed. Please check all problems that your participants have encountered.

* 4. What questions would you like answered about SSI/SSP?