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Please fill out this form to be considered for the Student SIG Leadership for 2019-2020 School Year.

Description of roles

• Prepare agendas and preside at monthly meetings of the SSIG
• Represent the SSIG Executive Board at Maryland Chapter Board of Director Meetings
• Coordinate and oversee all activities of the SSIG
• Participates in planning of Annual MD/DC Student Conclave
Vice Chair:
• Assume duties of Chairperson in event of absence
• Preside at meetings of SSIG and Executive Board
• Following one complete year of service, the Vice Chair can assume the position of Chair
• Organize at least one community service event during term of office
Nominating Chair:
• Generate student interest in SSIG membership and involvement
• Oversee the nomination and election process
• Oversee MD SSIG social media platforms
• Organize at least one PT Pub Night Event
• Record the minutes for all official business of MD SSIG meetings
• Oversee all content for the student page on APTA of MD website
• Organize National Advocacy Dinner for the region
PTA Champion:
• Bring opinion, perspective, and/or concerns of the PTA students to the Executive Board
• Oversee communication and collaboration for PTA student liaisons in MD
• Organize committees to plan National Advocacy Dinners to be held at PTA Programs
Core Ambassador:
• Responsible for implementing strategies to promote student engagement
• Create awareness of advocacy efforts at the state and national levels, and to provide students with opportunities to increase involvement
• Sends a monthly email regarding events within APTA and in our region

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