* 1. There is a need for a center that offers Croatian cultural events and activities in our region

* 2. The property currently owned by the CAS in Jesuit Bend, Plaquemines Parish is a good location for the Croatian American Cultural Center.

* 3. We recognize that it is going to take a lot of time, effort and funds to create a cultural center. This will require collaboration and cooperation within the Croatian American community. Do you believe this effort is worthwhile and feasible?

* 4. What kinds of events would you like to see offered at the center?

* 5. How often would you attend events at the cultural center?

* 6. Whom do you think should be the target audience for the center?

* 7. How do you think the center could be funded?

* 8. If there were a membership fee, how much would you be willing to pay for a family membership?

* 9. What resources do you have that you could bring to the development of the center?

* 10. What do you see as the greatest challenges to the success of the CACC?