Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor. The VIP Center has a number of events in 2022 for vendors, artists, authors, service providers, and businesses. Please complete the following application. If you are selected, we will notify you. Booth fees vary based on the event.

Our GOAL: Highlight female entrepreneurs, artisans, and businesswomen who make and/or sell gifts, art, products, and services.


Art Show and Sneak Peek for SHOP VIP
Saturday, October 29 from 9 to 4.30 p.m.
VIP Center for Business Women
3755 N. Washington Blvd.  Indianapolis

We will have a limited number of vendors for this date- and we will prioritize artists/artisans.

Select number of vendors will be inside the VIP Center with a 6 foot table and 2 chairs, wall space if needed.

-This will be a formal social event with an art show featuring local female artisans with art for sale.
-Silent auction will be held with a donation from each vendor.
-Wine tasting and hors devours- provided by food sponsors. 

Saturday, October 29 from 9 to 4.30 p.m
SHOP VIP Gift Show
We will have Indoor and Outdoor Spaces available.  

**Outdoor vendors must provide a 10X10 canopy tent for their own set up. Indoor Vendors will be provided with a 6 foot table and chairs.

Ideal Vendors

-We welcome all types of female entrepreneurs who provide the any of the following:

•Art: Fine, Mixed Media, Abstract, 3D, Sculpture, etc.
•Art type products and gifts
•Clothing (handmade or new)
•Purses, Jewelry, Wearable Art
•Gifts (Handmade or high quality)
•Handmade or high end products for women
•Food/Edible Gifts
•Authors with books for sale
•Limited "Service-Based" Entrepreneurs

*Note, we will take a limited number of direct sales vendors (Mary Kay, etc.) and will review each application based on space availability.

Application Acceptance

Submittal of an application does not guarantee acceptance.  We will review each application and notify you of an invitation or decline.

Vendor Application Fees

Once your application is accepted, you will be invoiced:

Option 1) $65, Indoor Booth
Option 2) $125 Indoor Special Room (Large Space)
Option 3) $50 Outdoor Booth

You will also need to provide a silent auction item at value of $25,  and you will get a wine ticket

You can pre-purchase lunch tickets for 11.00 each for Saturday.

*VIP Members will get 10.00 off of their booth space.

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* 3. Business Name

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* 6. Phone Number

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* 7. How long have you been in business?

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* 8. How much of much of your product is made from scratch/handmade?

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* 9. Which best describes your product?

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* 10. Describe more in detail:

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* 11. Please add your logo.

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* 12. For Shop VIP: We will be offering general booth space.  Please check your interest below (1 or more- first come first serve).  What you select is not guaranteed until we accept your application and you have paid your vendor fee.  If you are not interested in this event, indicate that below.

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* 13. What do you need in order to be successful at your chosen events? (Power, etc.)

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* 14. Are you interested in being a sponsor? (sponsorships range from Food Sponsorship all the way to 3K Sponsor.

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* 15. Payment is due BEFORE the event once we accept your vendor application. Do you want to pay by check or card? Once you select, you will receive details after we approve your vendor application.

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* 16. I declare that all of the information I am submitting is true and correct. (Type your name in the space provided.)