Would You Like to Recognize an Extraordinary Business?

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The Greater Greenville Chamber of Commerce is proud to have a long-standing practice of honoring star performers among our small business membership. If your company or one you know could be a candidate for this award, please fill out this quick form to nominate and honor a small business.
There are certain criteria that must be met in order to be considered for the Small Business of the Month award:

What was the date that the business was established? Minimum requirement is 2 years in order to qualify.

What is the location of the company's Headquarters if other than Greenville?

What is the date that the business joined the Greater Greenville Chamber of Commerce? Minimum of 2 years' membership is required for consideration.

Small Business Awards Nomination Form

Please share the company's success stories in the identified areas below. Elaborate on these topics in detail if possible and provide any additional information that you believe to be relevant.


  Off and On Over the Years Owner has Participated in the Past Owner is Active Within the Chamber Several Employees are Active Actively Participating Including Sponsorships
a. How would you rate the company's participation in the Greater Greenville Chamber of Commerce?

b. In addition to Chamber involvement, please describe how your business has supported other Chamber members?


  Fair Good Very Good Excellent "Above & Beyond"
Participation in Efforts to Improve Greenville's Quality of Life
Adding to the volunteer base within Greater Greenville


  Fair Good Very Good Excellent "Above & Beyond"
a. How Would You Rate The Company's Economic Impact to the Community?

b. Provide Statistics concerning the Number of Full-Time or FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) employees. (Scroll up if you need to in order to see definition of FTE.)

c. Describe the company's business CAPITAL INVESTMENT WITHIN THE COMMUNITY. Examples could include the purchase of additional real estate, Mergers, Acquisitions or the purchase of additional equipment in order to provide additional services and expand capabilities.

4. FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE (20%) Consider longevity, revenue growth and profitability:

Provide evidence which demonstrates the business' peformance and stability over the past three years in areas such as revenue growth and profitability (information can be provided as a percentage).

5. INDUSTRY INVOLVEMENT (5%) Give examples of the company's involvement and stature within that specific industry:

6. WORKPLACE ENVIRONMENT (5%) Provide Details as to the unique workplace environment:


Please take this opportunity to share other significant information about the successes of the company.

THANK YOU for taking the time to submit the nomination. Assuming all the requirements are met, this nomination will be considered for the Small Business of the Month Award. If not chosen the month after submission, it will remain active for 12 months' consideration. The Small Business of the Year will be chosen from the Small Business of the Month winners for a particular calendar year.

For your information: The Small Business of the Month can only be awarded to one company once during a calendar year and The Small Business of the Year Award cannot be awarded to the same company two years in a row.