Grassroots launched an initiative on September 10th 2012 to work towards Brighton & Hove becoming a ‘Suicide Safer Community:’ an international designation awarded by LivingWorks Education in Canada ( ).  Now we are co-ordinating an application for this designation on behalf of Brighton & Hove. The application will be assessed by an international review committee.

We need your help to make this application the best it can be and to capture all the excellent suicide prevention work in the city. Please can you complete the survey below if:

a: Your organisation is not a member of Brighton & Hove’s Suicide Prevention Strategy Group


b: Your organisation is involved in suicide prevention work of any kind.

The deadline for completing the survey is Friday October 30th.  We will give a free place on our two-day ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training to a randomly selected survey completer!

* 1. What is the name of your organisation?

* 2. Please give a contact name and email we can use if we have any questions about your response to this survey.

* 3. How many staff work for your organisation? Include full and part time.

* 4. How many of your staff have attended training related to suicide prevention (including courses like safeTALK and ASIST)?

* 5. How would you describe the impact that these courses have had on your organisation in terms of suicide prevention?

* 6. What suicide prevention activities is your organisation involved with?  Please outline briefly.

* 7. If you have time, please could you provide a brief (no more than 2 paragraphs) case study to showcase aspects of your suicide prevention activity?

Tips: you might include your work with an individual client, a particular project, or your organisation’s development in terms of suicide prevention.  Consider including a link to a video/photo, and/or a link to any PR your piece of work has received (press, radio, TV etc.)

* 8. What gaps do you think there are in Brighton & Hove in relation to suicide prevention?

* 9. Over the next 5 years, are you planning to continue your current activity as outlined in Q6?

* 10. Over the next 5 years, do you plan to train more staff in suicide prevention skills?

* 11. Over the next 5 years do you plan to introduce any new suicide prevention activities?