Award Program Details

The Speed Skating Canada (SSC) Awards Program is presented annually to deserving individuals in a number of categories. The awards recognize significant contributions and achievements by some of our sport’s most dedicated stakeholders  ̶  from athletes and coaches, to officials, volunteers and partners.
In keeping with our new Strategic Plan, which strives for sport and organizational excellence, the annual SSC Awards Program has been recalibrated in 2019 with the aim of:
  • Streamlining the nomination and selection processes
  • Ensuring that recognition is distributed equitably among stakeholder groups and that all stakeholders are represented
  • Increasing the diversity and breadth of the eligible pool of nominees for some awards
Please take the time to read through the awards program document thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the new program. Key changes from past years are highlighted within each award description.

Nomination Process
Nominations for all awards can be completed by filling out this online form. For ease of reference, a PDF version of the questions to be answered for each award can be found here.

Each nomination must be endorsed by one of the following individuals. This individual’s name must be included within the application’s Nominee section.
  • SSC Staff Member (including National Team Coaches)
  • SSC Board of Directors Member
  • PTSO President
  • PTSO Executive Director
  • Club President
  • SSC Committee Chair
All nominations are due by midnight EST on Monday, April 22.  

Selection Process
A panel consisting of the following individuals will be responsible for reviewing all nominations and selecting recipients for each award:
  • Speed Skating Canada CEO
  • Speed Skating Canada Board Chair
  • Speed Skating Canada Chief Sport Officer
  • PTSO Representative
  • Club Representative
SSC Committees (Officials, Coaching, High Performance) will have the opportunity to submit recommendations to the selection panel for awards within their respective areas.

Award Presentation
All awards will be presented during the SSC AGM & Congress, taking place in Winnipeg in June 2019. The Awards Gala will be held during the evening of Saturday, June 8.

Unless otherwise indicated in the description of each award below, Speed Skating Canada will cover travel (to and from Winnipeg only) and accommodation costs (one night only) for award winners. SSC will provide tickets to the awards dinner for each winner and a guest.

For More Information
A list of previous recipients for all Speed Skating Canada Awards can be found here. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Alain Brouillette at