Welcome to My Survey

Hi valuable partners,

The Nature Conservancy is working with the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program to develop a Habitat Restoration Plan and Watershed Comparison Tool to (1) identify critical habitat restoration needs to enhance the ecological function of watersheds for the benefit of commercially and recreationally-important fish and shellfish, birds, and wildlife and (2) develop a tool to help prioritize conservation and restoration activities across our watersheds.

The great news is that this effort will update and build on previous work on the Habitat Priority Planner (http://habitats.disl.org/), completed in 2009. It will expand to include the other priority values identified in the CCMP.  We have streamlined these values under the following headings:  Habitats, Access, Living Resources, Heritage and Culture, Community Health and Resiliency, and Water Quality.  We need you to help us understand your perceptions of the importance of certain data in prioritizing projects and/or making decisions.  We have developed a short survey to obtain your input by ranking potential data layers in order of importance for the particular priority value. 

There are more potential data layers for some values than others.  There may also be some data layers you consider important that are not listed, so an ‘Other’ category is available and can be ranked.  Please let us know if something important is missing.  This will be an iterative process with multiple opportunities for input, but this survey will get the process started … so thank you so much for providing your valuable time and perspectives! 

Sit back, relax, and think about two special projects important to you. If you could only fund or implement one, what information would you need to make that decision?  Under the values below, please rank the data layers that would help you objectively make this important choice.