General Information

The State Employee Benefits Committee (SEBC) is responsible for the management and selection of health and related insurance plans offered to State of Delaware benefit-eligible employees and pensioners.  The SEBC will be renewing the State of Delaware dental plan offerings for July 1, 2022.  The SEBC is interested in your opinions of our current dental plans and understanding what is important to you and your family when choosing a dental plan.  Your feedback to this short survey is appreciated in helping the SEBC evaluate dental plan options for our employees and pensioners.

When answering the questions, consider your dental needs as well as the dental needs of anyone you may cover such as a spouse or children. 
Please note: this survey is only for individuals who are eligible for the State of Delaware dental plans.  If you work for a school district that offers its own dental plans, please disregard this survey.

Questions marked with an asterisk are required.

Question Title

* 2. Are you currently enrolled in dental coverage offered by the State of Delaware?