* 1. The Massachusetts Board of Education requires that all public schools shall ensure every student receives within a school year a minimum of 900 hours per year (elementary schools) and 990 hours per year (secondary schools) of structured learning time before July 1st of each school year. Like many other school districts in Massachusetts, Amesbury Public Schools is finding it increasingly difficult to meet that requirement because of the need to be closed on elections days, and unpredictable severe weather events such as hurricanes, and snow/ice storms.

In an effort to keep the school calendar as intact as possible, Amesbury Public Schools is proposing a change to the start date for the 2013/2014 school year. Barring any weather events requiring school closure, we are proposing that school begin on Monday, August 26th and end on Friday, June 13th. This would replace school starting after Labor Day on September 3rd and ending on Friday, June 20th. Please be advised that both scenarios do not include any school closures related to weather.

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