Hampton Street Special Rate Proposal

Hampton Street Traders Association (HSTA) has asked Bayside City Council to introduce a Special Rate for Hampton Street. Businesses from South Rd to Crisp St are included.

Research commissioned by HSTA has shown that shopping precincts where all the traders work together are far more successful. And most importantly, individual businesses benefit from the co-operation.

The current volunteer committee of the Hampton Street Traders Association (HSTA) is running out of time, energy, and more importantly, money. This means that without a sustainable reliable income stream we will soon have to stop all our marketing, popular events, lobbying and work on behalf of the Street.

The proposed Special Rate will create a pool of funds to resource a dedicated Marketing and Business Manager to implement a Business Plan to promote Hampton Street. Our proposal will mean the great work started by the volunteer committee will be continued and extended in the future.

Your support is needed before Council will consider  introducing a Special Rate for Hampton Street.

We therefore ask you to indicate your support below - it's Your Street, Your Business and Our Collective Futures. 

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* 1. Do you support the introduction of a Special Rate for marketing and business development of the Hampton Street strip shopping centre?

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