Credit-course fees, and the Institute's Tuition Support Policy

The fee for a 12-week, 3-credit course is $525.00 (175.00/credit hour). The Wilmette Institute is independent of the Baha'i Fund, and must cover its expenses or close its doors. Tuition support funds are obtained from generous donors. The Institute asks each student to consider their expenses very carefully, and let it know how much he or she can afford. You can expect a response from the Registrar's office within 48 hours of your application.
If you are seeking tuition support for a credit course, but do not wish to complete the coursework or to possibly receive university or college credit for it, please skip to the next page.

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* 1. Installment Plan Options: After an initial credit card downpayment ($100) the balance will be divided into 3 equal payments and charged to your credit card every 4 weeks. Which of these payment plans could work for you?

The preferred payment method for Wilmette Institute fees is by credit card, using the secure Cvent registration portal. The Institute does not accept PayPal. After your downpayment, subsequent payments will be charged to the same credit card, on an agreed schedule. If this method will not work for you, payments by check or money order will be accepted. You will be responsible for the costs of sending the payments by some trackable form of postage. No additional charges or interest fees will be applied.

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* 2. How do you plan to make your installment payments?