Spring River Park & Zoo - Public Survey 

The City of Roswell would like to hear from the community about our zoo.  Please take a few minutes and tell us what you think. 

* 1. Please enter your zip code

* 2. How many times per year do you and/or your family visit our zoo?

* 3. What time do you visit our zoo?  

* 4. Do you use the park/playground when you visit our zoo?

* 5. What is your favorite part of your visit?   

* 6. What is your least favorite part of your visit?  

* 7. How would you describe our zoo staff?

* 8. What one thing would you add to our zoo?

* 9. What one thing would you eliminate from our zoo?

* 10. If the zoo charged admission, what would be a reasonable fee?

* 11. What is your favorite exhibit?

* 12. What is your least favorite exhibit?

* 13. Are the zoo hours adequate? If not, what changes would you suggest?

* 14. Would you recommend a zoo visit to a friend?

* 15. Do you use the concession/rides at the zoo?

* 16. Are the concession/rides staff friendly/helpful?

* 17. What one animal would you like to see added to our zoo?

* 18. Would you like to see our zoo separated from the park/playground?

* 19. Would you like our zoo to have more special events? What types of events?

* 20. Would you like our zoo to have a gift shop?

* 21. Any other comments